The Magic of Adventure. Season 1

The "Magic of Adventure" is Sergey Yastrzhembskiy’s ethnographic and cultural TV project on unusual travel routes, indigenous peoples and disappearing traditions.
Format: Sergey’s studio guests + documentaries from his collection
Duration: 45 minutes.
TV channel: "Rossia — 2"
On air: every weekend, starting from January 23, 2011 at 12:15
From October 2012 on air every SATURDAY at 12:15.

The Magic of Adventure. Among the Mentawai, Part Two (Season 2 , episode 3 from 12 March 2014)

There is a person in each Mentawai clan, which enjoys respect, trust and unquestioned obedience from all his kinsmen.

It is he who is able to maintain the balance between the human and otherworldly realms. He is the keeper of all the rites of the people-flowers, as the Mentawai call themselves.

So who is the Mentawai demiurge ? You'll find the answer in the film of Sergey Yastrzhembskiy "The Keepers of the People-Flowers”.

“The Magic of Adventure. - program number 24 from 10 July” (season 1 , episode 24 from 10 July 2011)

How can one spend the whole year with three children in Africa? Does paganism differ from neo-paganism? What do Africans think about Russia? Sergey Yastrzhembskiy’s guests - Vladimir Snatenkov, professional traveler and climber and Oleg Kavykin - historian, researcher at the Center for History and Anthropology at the Institute for African studies answer these questions. In the second part - the second you’ll see the second episode of Yastrzhembskiy’s film Lozi tribe "People coming out of the water."

“The Magic of Adventure. - program number 23 from 03 July” (season 1 , episode 23 from 03 July 2011)

Zambezi , Victoria Falls , amazing national parks, unique animals ... That is Zambia. The film tells what time of year is best to go to the Victoria Falls , which animals can be found in the national parks, and where frm the the Lozi tribe come. All this is told by Yastrzhembsiy’s guest - Photographer Andrey Gudkov and historian and traveler Maxim Emelyanov-Lukyanchikov. In continuation of the program , viewers will see the first part of the Yastrzhembskiy’s film about the Lozi tribe "People who came out of the water."

“The Magic of Adventure. - program number 22 from 26 June” (season 1 , episode 22 from 03 June 2011)

Some islands in Oceania are still uninhabitable ! Local residents are not familiar with the civilization and live in complete fusion with nature. On this remote and little-known region there is a well known expert on Indonesia and Vadim Uspenskiy and traveler Adele Saparova. In continuation of the program , viewers will see a film of Japanese director Unichi Ushiyama "The Solomon Islands " .

“The Magic of Adventure. - program number 21 from 19 June” (season 1 , episode 21 from 19 June 2011)

The guests are a married couple: Angelica Andreeva - a graduate of the famous Novosibirsk Ballet School , and Oleg Andreev - Vice - President of " Karo Film " - one of the most determined hunters of Russia.

In continuation of the program a documentary by Japanese documentary filmmaker Junichi Ushiyama to be screened: "People - crocodiles of Sepik", filmed in the jungles of Papua New Guinea.

“The Magic of Adventure. - program number 20 from 12 June” (season 1 , episode 20 from 12 June 2011)

In the program the auther is talking to a collector of African masks and traveller Olga Barakaeva, who visited Ethiopia and has ben working for nearly 15 years for “Médicins sans frontières” as well as with historian and ethnographer Gregory Bazlov who participated in expeditions studying martial arts under the "The reverse side of the Earth. "

" Over the bulls’ backs" about Ethiopian Hamer tribe will be screened.

“The Magic of Adventure. - program number 19 from 05 June” (season 1 , episode 19 from 05 June 2011)

Morocco attracts travelers like a magnet . However, few have seen this country out of the window SUV which participated in the rally "Paris -Dakar " . Very few have been hiding from the storm in the desert. Guests of the " Magic of Adventure " are a famous publisher Vladimir Grigoriev and film director Andrei Kavun - know this country firsthand . A story about the life of the Berbers of the Sahara will be shown in the second part of the program - in the film of Yastrzhembskiy "The Last Chevaliers of the Desert”.

“The Magic of Adventure. - program number 18 from 29 May” (season 1 , episode 18 from 29 May 2011)

What rites are performed by shamans ? Whether they live in Russia? Traditions of small peoples of the North is best known to the author of scientific works on shamanism and documentary filmmaker Nicholay Pluzhnikov and Nikita Khokhlov. In the second part of the program you’ll watch a movie about the way of life the Nganasans and the Dolgans - two northern peoples of Russia.

“The Magic of Adventure. - program number 17 from 22 May” (season 1, episode 18 from 22 May 2011)

Sergey Yastrzhembskiy decided this time to leave Africa for Europe - Portugal and its wonderful music "Fado" - an integral part of cultural life of Lisbon. Guests of the studio, for whom Portugal has become a profession and a second home tell about today’s life of the capital of former colonial empire. In addition, the program will be presented to the audience the film "Destiny by the name of Fado."