2009 1

The Last Chevaliers of the Desert

The Berbers, Morocco

SD 26
2 Children of the Savannah. Episode 1 The Bushmen (Botswana) SD 26
3 Bushmen: Bordering the Surreal. Episode 2 The Bushmen (Botswana) SD 26
2010 4 People who Think no Evil. Episode 1 The Himba (Namibia) SD 26
5 Sacred Fire of the Himba. Episode 2 The Himba (Namibia) SD 26
6 People the Size of a Fist. Episode 1 The Pygmy (Cameroon) HDTV 26
7 Chasing the Forest Elephant. Episode 2 The Pygmy (Cameroon) HDTV 26
8 Blood and Beauty. Episode 1 The Surma (Ethiopia) SD 26
9 Stone-Age Kalashnikov. Episode 2 The Surma (Ethiopia) SD 26
10 Over the Bulls' Backs The Hamar (Ethiopia) SD 26
2011 11 Africa: Blood and Beauty Festival Version HDTV 60
12 Land Captivated by Faith. Episode 1 Cappadocia (Turkey) Full HD 26
13 Destiny by the Name of Fado Lisbon (Portugal) Full HD 26
14 Monaco: Beyond the Yachts and Casinos Monaco Full HD 26
15 A Summer to the North of 72° Latitude The Dongans and Nganasans (Yakutia) HDTV 26
16 Presented Upwards The Udmurts SD 26
17 People Who Came out of the Water. Episode 1 The Lozi (Zambia) Full HD 26
18 Waiting for Nyambe. Episode 2 The Lozi (Zambia) Full HD 26
19 Descendants of the Pale. Episode 1 The Dogon (Mali) Full HD 26
20 Dogon Mystery. Episode 2 The Dogon (Mali) Full HD 26
21 Purification by the Sun The Issyekh Feast (Yakutia) Full HD 26
22 The Last Sunrise of the Elmolo The Elmolo (Kenya) Full HD 26
23 One of a Kind The Dinka (South Sudan) Full HD 26
24 Secret Voodoo Fetishes. Episode 1 Voodoo (Benin) Full HD 26
25 Voodoo: Roads of Grief and Hope. Episode 2 Voodoo (Benin) Full HD 26
26 The Golden Age of Portugal Legacy of the Age of Discovery Full HD 26
27 Land Captivated by Faith. Episode 2 Christianity in Turkey Full HD 26
28 The Law of Survival The Coastal Chukchi Full HD 26
29 The Reindeer People Reindeer farming Full HD 26
30 People with Acute Heads The Yukagirs HDTV 26
31 The Life-long Journey The Eveny people HDTV 26
32 Jakarta: under a Thousand Island Dressing Jakarta (Indonesia) Full HD 26
2012 33 The Broken Spear of the Maasai. Episode 1 The Maasai Full HD 26
34 Men and the Woman. Episode 2 The Maasai Full HD 26
35 Noah's Ark of the Mentawai. Episode 1 The Mentawai (Indonesia) Full HD 26
36 The Keepers of the "People-Flowers". Episode 2 The Mentawai (Indonesia) Full HD 26
37 The Death Charmers The Kalbelia (India) Full HD 26
38 Bible at the Pole of the Ancestors The Asmati (New Guinea) Full HD 26
39 Secrets of the Kings of the Forest The Raute (Nepal) Full HD 26
40 "Dead Birds" of the Baliem Valley The Dani (New Guinea) Full HD 26
41 Possessed by Voodoo Voodoo (Benin) Full HD 44


42 Djibouti. Small, but precious. Episode 1 Djibouti Full HD 26
43 The Afar wedding. Episode 1 Djibouti Full HD 26
44 How the Caravans won the Caravels Djibouti Full HD 26
45 Vanuatu: reviving traditions. Episode 1 Vanuatu Full HD 26

Vanuatu: reviving traditions. Episode 2

Vanuatu Full HD 26
47 A Russian side of Vanuatu In the wake of Lieutenant Golovin expedition Full HD 26
48 Peru: under “the green leaves” Lima (Peru) Full HD 26
49 The “rock puma” people The Iquitos Indians (Lake Titicaca) Full HD 26
50 Old man Stepan, Martian, and Mamelfa, or Russian old believers in Bolivia Bolivia Full HD 26
51 “Go and come back a winner!” Old Palio Festival in Siena (Italy) Full HD 26
52 The secrets of the Khakassia Land Khakassia (Russia) Full HD 26

53 Wolfhound EASTERN SIBERIA Full HD 44
54 The Reindeer People Chukotka Full HD 44

55 Ivory. A crime story Hard-hitting investigative documentary revealing the massacres of elephants in the wild Full HD 89
56 Tigers and Humans Investigative documentary about the main threats to the Amur tiger's survival Full HD 52

57 From God to Paper. The life of an Asian Elephant HIn Asia people have been paying truly divine honors to elephants since time immemorial: for the Buddhists, the elephant is a sacred symbol, being subject of most of the religious rites in Asia, but often worship and veneration have nothing to do with the reality Full HD 52
58 Passions for The Mammoth The "mammoth fever" takes place in the Russian Extreme North, and reveals how, thanks to her huge reserves of mammoth ivory, Russia can save African elephants from poaching Full HD 52