Albums and books


Album “A Shaman's Journey”

This photo project of SergeyYastrzhembskiy is inspired by the interest of the author to shamanic practices and traditions around the world. This catalog is released with the participation of the Museum of Natural History at the University of Florence and timed to the exhibition held in 2013 in the famous museum, founded during the reign of the Medici. The exhibition, entitled “A Shaman's Journey” was held with the support of the Italian Travelers Society and the Moscow branch of the Intesa Bank - San Pauolo. The evidence of considerable interest of the Italian public to the exhibition of Yastrzhembsky's photographs is proved by the fact that in 2014 the exhibition will continue in Pisa and Palermo.




Album "About Sakhalin"

About Sakhalin. Publisher “Media 77." Moscow, 2006.
Authors: Sergey Yastrzhembskiy, Leonid Melikhov, Gianni Foraboschi, Francesco Cito.
Album "About Sakhalin" is the fruit of an international art event "Sakhalin-Kurils. Islands of Russia, organized by the Sakhalin Oblast Administration in 2006. Under this action the Sakhalin Oblast Administration invited “high professionals with their own artistic handwriting and distinctive visio " to the islands.


Album «Kremlin the Known and the Unknown»

Photographs, presented in the ablbum, were taken while SergeyYastrzhembskiy was working n the Kremlin. Under the alias of Vladimir Grevy SergeyYastrzhembskiy exposed the Moscow Kremlin in a new light.
Grigory Revzin says in his introduction to the album “Kremlin the Known and the Unknown”:
“These shots are amazing. The photographer captures Russian leaders’ perception of themselves when they took over the reins of power from the Soviets….
Have a glance at Vladimir Grevy’s photos and you will almost follow the author’s footsteps. What makes the photos unique is that they present a personal judgment of what is not to be judged personally. Compare to Soviet pictures of the Kremlin, whether it be Stalin or Brezhnev time, where the photographer’ personality is way too indistinct”.




Album «The Kremlin»



Album «Aeroimpressionism»

The album comprises three chapters: AFRICA, EUROPE, and SIBERIA. The book contains selected photographs that are closest to impressionism in style and composition
The album is prefaced by Olga Sviblova, Head of the “Moscow House of Photography” museum, and Grigoriy Revzin, journalist and art critic. It is based on Sergey Yastrzhembskiy’s photo collections. It was ranked Second Best Photoalbum at the Russian contest «Best Book of the Year« in August 2009. The album includes a series of unique landscape aerials taken on various continents and in various countries. Their soft and accurate composition likens the series to abstract paintings and represents a new genre of the visual arts where the photographer, nature and man who changes the face of the Earth act as equal co-authors.


Album «Sergey Yastrzhembskiy. Patriarchal Africa. The last sunrise. Photo-chronicle of the Vanishing Life. SKIRA. Milano, 2013 , part I »

A famous Italian publishing house “SKIRA", which specializes in books on art and photography released an album of Sergey Yastrzhembskiy: Patriarchal Africa. The last sunrise. Photo-chronicle of the Vanishing Life. (SKIRA. Milano, 2013) . Exclusive distribution rights in the U.S., Canada and South America belong to another well-known publishing house Rizzoli International Publications. This Album was the result of numerous expeditions of the author in fourteen countries on the African continent during the last 5 years. It contains a photo story about the daily life of 26 ethnic groups, both, well known like the Maasai, Bushmen, Pygmies, Berbers and little-known outside their countries like the El Molo people, Ovakahaona etc. The author has focused on the traditions and customs of everyday life of the African peoples, their beliefs, customs and rituals inherited from ancestors. Despite the widespread of globalization and modern civilization, these tribes show a remarkable commitment to patriarchal forms of life, thus preserving their identity. The album also contains a lot of factual information about these peoples. Introductory articles to each section and chapters of books are written by famous Russian Africanists Dmitry Bondarenko and Alexander Kazankov. It is particularly noteworthy that this kind of publication is not only absolutely groundbreaking for the Russian book market, but also entered the small circle of large-scale photo projects on Africa. The official presentation of the album is planned in mid-June 2014 in New – York.



Album «Il Cremlino conosciuto e quello sconosciuto»


Album «Feeling Elements»
Illustrations performed
by Mayya Lobova.

Sergey Yastrzhembskiy becomes a storyteller

Russian publishing house Children's Literature releases Descendants of the Pale Fox, a book of story tales by Sergey Yastrzhembskiy and Mayya Nikolskaya. Tales of the peoples of Africa.

For three years Sergey Yastrzhembskiy and the YastrebFilm crew have been reaching the most remote destinations of Africa, intruding into the steady flow of life in local communities like paparazzi. As stated in the preface to the book, "We lived next door to them, learned from them, sat with them around the campfire and of course, listened to their fairy tales, myths and legends performed by the elders.”

It is through folklore that an ethnic group reveals its true worldview. A widespread image of Africa combines poverty, hunger, crime, and military conflicts, but in fact Africans have the same values in life: love, harmony, peace. It’s just that every tribe sees it differently. It would naturally take more than a lifetime to raise the entire totality of the oral tradition of at least one tribe. So the book contains the most vivid and exciting tales of five peoples who come from different parts of Africa: Bushmen, Pygmies, Himba, Dogon and Lozi. But remember, once Africa gets into your heart, it will turn into a lifelong fascinating relationship.

The African tales by Sergey Yastrzhembskiy will be available in bookstores in St. Petersburg and Moscow.


Sergey Yastrzhembskiy published a book about hunting

AST pubishing house released "Hunting with Sergei Yastrzhembsky." The main idea of the book is to reveal
the peculiarities of hunting of different peoples around the world, for whom hunting today is just the way of life, daily necessity and the imperative. Author of the book served as a chronicler of hunting methods of the vanishing peoples of Africa and Asia. He describes in detail, how the Maasai hunt a lion with spears;
or how one of the indigenous peoples of the Dark Continent – the El Molo people, inhabiting the shores of Lake Turkana chase a crocodile with a harpoon at night. In the Himalayas Yastrzhembskiy witnessed hunting after forest monkeys by a little-known Raute people. The author generously shares his impressions of these hunts, where he participated as an observer.

This edition contains a rich photographic material, which will interest not only hunters,
but also anthropologists and ethnographers.

The book is available in bookstores in Moscow.


Photo album "Italy by Sergey Yastrzhembskiy", Melikhov publishing house, M., 2015, - 212 pages

"Italy, invented and represented by Yastrzhembskiy, is mesmerizing and flows through consciousness.
It confuses and excites as a shallow sleep before dawn.
On his photographs even an ancient castle turns into a molecule, a plant cell, a mineral slice".

Anatol Brusilovsky
Artist, philosopher, photograph