The Reindeer People to be shown in New Zealand, India, Indonesia, and USA

02 december 2014

The Reindeer People has been selected by the festival curation team of the Culture Unplugged Film Festival 2015: Humanity Explored from New Zealand, India, Indonesia, and USA as very much aligned with the theme and mission of the festival which aims at making a creative push to awaken life and help humanity discover global harmony.

The film will be shared with viewers who arrive at the online festival venue. You may also follow the festival news on facebook and twitter.

The audience of the festival consists not only of professors, students, activists, journalists, anthropologists and people from many diverse fields, but also filmmakers and producers who identify talent across borders for present or future collaborations.

To date, since the launch of the first online film festival in 2008, Culture Unplugged festivals have been visited by more than 60 million people from 39,000+ cities across 231+ countries and territories.

The festival launches on December 16.