A collection of 51 films by Sergey Yastrzhembskiy is available online on IVI.ru

02 august 2017

Russian online streaming service IVI.ru offers a collection of 51 documentary films by "Yastrebfilm" studio about indigenous peoples of Africa, Siberia, Latin America, Asia and Oceania, as well as Christian Turkey, Italy, Monaco and Portugal which are available online for free.

All the films from the "African Collection" are dedicated to various tribes that have preserved a prehistoric way of life: the Baka pygmies from the African rainforest, the tiny fishing tribe of Elmolo from Kenya, nomadic Berbers, inhabiting the boundless Sahara, and the Bushmen, who can survive in the savannah of Botswana. These tribes could have started living a modern life, enjoying all its benefits, but they have chosen a life of isolation in the wild, just like their ancestors thousands of years ago. Sergey Yastrzhembskiy is trying to reveal, what makes them live this way.

The “Siberian Collection” is a fascinating journey throughout the Siberia in search of a secret, vanishing culture that comprises traditional beliefs associated with the spirit of ancestors, Yakut shamanism, as well as folk crafts and much more. But the people are always in the center of each film. The author interviews and films representatives of the small-numbered indigenous peoples in their everyday life. It appears that there are many destinations in Siberia where one can find communities that carry on the age-old traditions of their ancestors.

The series "Asia and Oceania" makes up a whole range of films about Indonesia, Nepal, India and Papua New Guinea showing the most exotic tribes of our time. Even their names sound like vibrant music - Kalbelia, Raute, Mentawai... Today their lifestyle is gradually changing under the pressure of modern civilization, but these people are not ready to give up the old traditions. They survive, staying different and adapting to the present reality.

"Latin American" collection makes up two documentaries about the Russian Old Believers in Bolivia, who once fled their homeland and after long wanderings found shelter in equatorial rainforests. The community lives remotely, but the author manages to establish contact and film how the traditionalistic Russian way and primordial piety are opposing to global changes, and how Russian people live in America. The second film is about a people living on the Titicaca Lake, located almost 4 kilometres above sea level.

The country-specific collection "Spots on the map" comprises of travel films about Turkey, Portugal, Monaco, Peru, Italy and Indonesia, showing famous destinations from a new perspective.