A Shot of Hope to be premiered at the Moscow Film Festival

09 april 2021

The premiere of Sergey Yastrzhembsky's new documentary A Shot of Hope will take place on April 24 at the 43rd Moscow International Film Festival.

By genre, the film can be called a docudrama. Known for more than 70 films dedicated to endangered peoples of the planet, to saving African elephants and Amur tigers, the director decided this time to make a film about hunting, which has almost become a taboo topic in recent years.

For three years, Yastrzhembsky, together with his team from the Yastrebfilm studio, traveled to more than two dozen countries, recorded a huge number of interviews.

Sergey Yastrzhembsky, who never hid his passion for hunting despite facing negative and sometimes aggressive comments, decided, as he himself said, "to restore justice." After all, it is no secret that in the 21st century, under the influence of anti-hunting activism, the very idea that hunting is wrong from a moral point of view since the hunter "enjoys killing" is formed in the mass consciousness. That it is wrong from a biological point of view, since the hunter "kills the strongest and best." And in general - that rich hunters are wiping out endangered species.

“We encourage you to watch our film about hunting, with no parallel in the world history of documentary cinema,” said the director.

This is a film about how a properly organized wildlife management changes the everyday life of people for the better, rebuilds the state treasury, creates thousands of new jobs, preserves rare species of animals

The screening will take place in the 2nd hall of the Oktyabr Cinema as part of the Free Thought program. A Q&A session will follow the film screening.

Tickets will soon be on sale at www.moscowfilmfestival.ru and www.karofilm.ru.