The Magic of Adventure. Season 2

“The Magic of Adventure”.- Season 2, program number 17 (41 ) from 08.01.12 - Jakarta: ( "Under a Thousand Islands dressing" )

Yastrzhembskiy goes to a virtual trip to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia , with studio guests : travellers Valery Shanin and Vadim Uspenskiy, and then moves to the streets of this unforgettable city and its surroundings in the author's film: Jakarta. Under a Thousand Islands dressing.

“The Magic of Adventure”.- Season 2, program number 16 (40 ) from 01.01.12 - Turkey. ( "Land captivated by faith. Episode Two" )

About multifaceted Christian heritage in Turkey Sergei Yastrzhembskiy will talk with Andrei Loukashov , D.Sc., Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University, and Alexander Vassiliev, Ph.D., professor of Russian -Turkish scientific center RSUH.

In the course of the conversation Yastrzhembskiy shows his film "Land, captivated by faith. Episode Two."

“The Magic of Adventure”.- Season 2, program number 15 (39 ) from 25.12.11 - the Coastal Chukchi ( "The Law of Survival" )

What do we know about the Chukchi apart from anecdotes ? Only that their homeland - the is the land of permafrost , biting wind and the struggle for survival. And yet, that the Chukchi were among the first in our country to celebrate the New Year. But what distinguishes a Chukchi yaranga from a plague or due to what their hats protect them from the cold we can hardly say. And is it true that the Chukchi still do not use matches and make fire with help of a simple device? Yastrzhembskiy’s film “the Law of Survival will help us to plunge into the atmosphere of the North.

“The Magic of Adventure”.- Season 2, program number 14 from 18.12.11 - the Eveny people ( “The Lifelong Journey" )

Yastrzhembskiy invites viewers a look into the cold and snow-covered edges of Russia. That is how the indigenous peoples of Siberia live today in the North and the Far East. Did they manage to preserve their culture, customs and traditional way of life? How is it - to combine Christianity and shamanism? And if there are reliable ways to deliver delicious and dietary reinder meat - from these remote areas to the European part of the country?

“The Magic of Adventure”.- Season 2, program number 13 from 11.12.11 - ( "Voodoo: Roads of Grief and Hope. Episode 2" )

Many centuries ago, the religion of voodoo with the slave ships across the Atlantic spread in Haiti and Cuba, the U.S. and Brazil. Today, there are over 50 million adherents of this doctrine. But strange enough, the voodoo priest failed to impress the famous pupil of Knorozov - Galina Yershov . Some rituals and scientific experiments seem to her even more mysterious and mystical than voodoo rituals ...

“The Magic of Adventure”.- Season 2, program number 12 from 04.12.11 - Voodoo ( "Secret Voodoo Fetishes " )

The rites of ancient African voodoo religion can often scare. The cradle of this doctrine is a small country in West Africa - Benin. After what event has Soviet journalist Nikolai Baratov suddenly believed in the prophecy of good witches? What from are the voodoo dolls made? And why can not go over a python ? Watch! And don’t say that you haven’t been warned!

“The Magic of Adventure”.- Season 2, program number 11 from 20.11.11 - Tibet "

Tibet - is one of the most mysterious and mystical regions of the world . What attracts tourists to the famous " places of power" ? What do the pilgrims feel on the Mount Kailash? And why do representatives of all world religions dream to go to Tibet? S. Yastrzhembskiy’s guests - V. Melnik and S. Balalaev who have been deeply studying this so-called " storage of everlasting wisdom of the Earth".

“The Magic of Adventure”.- Season 2, program number 10 from 13.11.11"

Sergei Yastrzhembskiy invites us on a journey through the youngest state of the world - South Sudan, and introduces the Dinka tribe inhabiting! Russian journalist Andrei Tereshchenko shares his impressions of how he once went through several countries in Africa ... by bike! Curious to know why he chose such a vehicle and what a magical word helped the intrepid traveler through his way!

“The Magic of Adventure”.- Season 2, program number 9 from 06.11.11"

The " Magic Adventure " speaks about the "Golden Age" of Portugal with Yastrzhembskiy’s guests - Dr. Maria Joao Albuquerque teaching at Instituto Camoes, and Alexey Naumov , Ph.D. , assistant professor , head of the Laboratory of Public geography and Regional Geography at MSU.
Continuing the conversation watch Sergey Yastrzhembskiy’s film " The Golden Age of Portugal."